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horse head portrait
A photographer captures the majestic image of a horse on film.  The horse's neck and head is centered in the frame, with a rural image blurred in the background.  The white horse has a majestic neck, a beautiful head, a big eye, and perky ears.  The horse is wearing a black halter, which will allow his rider to lead him.

When it comes to leading your horse or safely securing it, an important piece of tack is the halter or headcollar.

There are a variety of different kinds of halters or headcollars depending upon your specific needs. A simple leather headcollar can be used to lead your horse or to tie it, and is a strong and durable option. If the leather halter is well taken care of, it can last for years.

Synthetic halters are less expensive than leather halters, and can be good for everyday use, especially for those looking for an option that doesn't require care. However, some horse enthusiasts find synthetic halters dangerous. Because they are very strong, they will not break if a horse catches itself on a gate, fence, or branch. Many recommend not turning a horse out in a synthetic headcollar for this very reason.

There are specialty halters and headcollars designed for specific situations. Some halters are designed specifically for showing the horse in a certain discipline. For example, a Western show halter is made of leather with silver detailing, while an in-hand halter has a special construction designed specifically for in-hand showing.

There are also halters designed for training. For example, a foal slip is a headcollar designed specifically to help people handle foals. Instead of a separate lead rope, the foal slip features a short strap that allows the handler to guide the foal. Controller headcollars, which put pressure on the horse's nose when it pulls, are designed to prevent pulling.

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