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quarter horse mare
An American Quarter Horse is photographed from an interesting angle, with a bright blue sky in the background.  The Quarter Horse is chestnut in color, and has a white blaze on its face.  In this photo, it is sticking out its tongue, perhaps in response to its rider's request.

Quarter Horses were first introduced to the United States by Spanish Conquistadores in the 17th and 18th centuries, when English settlers, looking for strong yet versatile work horses, bred Spanish stock with their own imported horses. As settlers moved west, these horses became an integral part of cattle herding. Yet their strong, powerful hindquarters meant that horsemen looking for a bit of sport could race these horses over short distances. The breed was eventually named "Quarter Horse" after the quarter-mile they frequently raced.

When longer, leaner Thoroughbreds came on the scene Quarter Horses were once again relegated to the workforce where they herded cattle, pulled the tractor, and worked the ranch. Eventually, due to their excellent temperament, they became popular leisure riding horses. Today Quarter Horses are enjoyed in all disciplines, from barrel racing to dressage.

Quarter Horses range in height from 14.3 to 16 hands, and are acceptable in any solid color. They are known for their short, wide head, sloping shoulder and well-defined withers, and well-muscled hindquarters.

The American Quarter Horse Association, an organization that registers all Quarter Horses and oversees the integrity of the breed, was developed in 1940. Today, the AQHA is one of the largest breed registries in the world, with millions of horses listed.

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Quarter Horse Picture and Description

portrait of a brown quarter horse
Quarter Horse Portrait